About Me

Hi! My name is Taryn and I am a life long lover of anything having to do with reading, books and art. I am an artist, mom,  animal lover and Diet Coke addict. I was that kid nerd in high school who would sit in the hall and read while everyone else was socializing. I am that person who would much rather read than watch TV. I am that adult who is completely incapable of going to sleep without reading for at least an hour before bed. And yes, I am that person who sees a movie adapted from a book and always says

The book was better!

and then proceeds to explain all the differences and explain why the book was better. I do try to stop myself but I can’t help it!

I will read almost anything from War and Peace to Readers Digest and who doesn’t love a good People magazine?

I am so excited to start my new venture and meet all you fellow book lovers out there!